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The Black Book of Hollywood Secrets

blackbookofhollywood.jpgNot that many of us ladies need help looking gorgeous, but just in case you were after some a-list beauty tricks of the trade I thought I would let you know about this new bible I have found.

It’s written by Kym Douglas who is a host of the upcoming Lifetime makeover show Queen and celebrity journalist Cindy Pearlman. These ladies had always wanted to know how the A-list stars looked so, well, A-list. It turns out that even the most carefully guarded stars were more than happy to tell all. This jam-packed inside look at the surprising beauty rituals of A-list stars serves as a funny yet fascinating wake-up call to the harsh reality of celebrity self-maintenance.

Just some of the juicy secrets you are likely to find out include Angelina Jolie creating her high-volume hair by applying baby powder to her hair, roots-to-ends, then blow drying it in, Cameron Diaz being so resourceful by using her lipstick of the evening for blush touch ups and would you believe that glamour girls such as Jessica Simpson spray hairspray to their roots and apply matching eye shadow to cover up the outgrown colour!!

So to get your hands on true beauty secrets just click on to where all your prayers could be answered for a mere £6.74.

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