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Tan Bags

tannedbag.jpgIf you want the classic trend look this season then simply get yourself a tanned bag!! Anybody who’s anybody is clambering on to the tan bag trend including the likes of Mary Kate Olsen and Liv Tyler.

The key to the tanned bag is to buy one that’s big enough to fit all your day to night belongings in such as killer heels. The tanned bag is great for that hitting the bar straight from scenario. You should try and stick to the worn tan leather look and if you choose a more classic style be sure to mix with quirkier outfits.

Depending on what style bag you opt for, you could think about customising it to make it truly yours and yours alone. For instance Alexa Chung has decided to carry her tan bag around on a guitar strap – whatever takes your fancy I guess!!

A great example of this seasons tanned bag is this ASOS Premium Pocket Leather Bag. It has the type of strap that be customised, its big enough for all your belongings and it’s leather!! It could be all yours for £45.00 at

One Response to “Tan Bags”

  1. Handbag Babe Says:

    I love tanned bags. I have one that is very durable & is large enough for all my things. I think it may be time to get a new one though because mine is *gasp* two and a half years old. But it doesn\\\’t look that old.