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Orange Rules

Orange ShoeIt appears the shade to be seen in at the moment is bright citrus orange and of course it’s the celebs that started the trend and have bought it to the high street – after all not much chance of them escaping paps in such a vibrant and bold colour.

As you can imagine, orange is by no means an easy colour to wear and pull off. I think the key here is to use the colour as a highlighting accessory in the form of a belt, bag or shoes. If you are brave enough to bear all and go for an orange frock then keep accessories to a minimum.

Whatever you do, do not wear this shade near any form heavily fake tanned skin – if you didn’t look like you had been tangoed before, you certainly will if this colour goes anywhere near you.

When searching the high street to see what orange goodies they had to offer, I came across these great shoes from They are cheap as well at just £ 12.00 – perfect way to start my orange collection.

One Response to “Orange Rules”

  1. karina Says:

    Power to those who can pull off orange =)