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Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers

tweezetweezers1.jpgThese tweeze tweezers have the best name ever, with Rubis being a Swiss company and the Swiss cheese connection in the design – I love it!!

These are state of the art when it comes in cosmetic tweezers and promise to produce the salon look every time. This slant-tip tweezer is likely to be the finest eyebrow-shaping tool available guaranteed to grab even the finest fuzz on the very first go. Unfortunately the cheese holes are not an added special effect, they quite literally are just holes – oh well I love the design anyway!!

This unique design does come at a price though, it would appear these beauties will set you back $29.95 when you buy them at Amazon, by far the most expensive tweezers ever!! Prices are around the same on most sites unfortunately.

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