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Swarovski Cube Scarf Necklace

swarovski-cube-scarf-necklace.jpgNecklaces are a great accessory, especially when you are wearing a garment that’s strapless or has an empire line.

There is usually a lot of skin on display, so placing a necklace around your neck will take focus off the amount of skin and on to how beautiful the necklace is. This Swarovski Cube Scarf Necklace is just the ticket. The necklace is rhodium-plated and has cubic-cut Comet Argent Light crystals which being this colour means they will match anything. For effortless beauty where with a strapless LBD.

You can purchase the 120 cm Cube Scarf Necklace for £101.50 down from £145 at

One Response to “Swarovski Cube Scarf Necklace”

  1. Veronica Says:

    They always have great styles in jewelry. Their name has a great reputation