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Massaging Slippers

holistic-silk-slippers.jpgPamper yourself with Holistic Silk Brocade Massaging and Magnetic Slippers, sounds soooo tempting after a long days work standing on your feet or just general wear of heeled shoes.

The brocade and faux leather slippers have magnetic massaging insoles which help reduce pain, increase circulation and provide an all round foot massage. They come in some gorgeous patterns and colours including silver, jade, blue, bronze flowers and lilac to name a few.

Celebrity fans include, French designer Sonia Rykiel and singer Natalie Imbruglia, so nab yourself a pair and begin 2008 preened and pampered. The Holistic Silk Brocade Massaging and Magnetic Slippers are priced at £65 and are available at

One Response to “Massaging Slippers”

  1. Doc Posh from Says:

    This looks like such a promising and exciting product! Unfortunatley, magnet therapy is not popular in the USA as it is Europe. I have found it difficult to find solid sources of quality magnet products for my patients.

    There is no doubt thousands will benefit from such an outstanding product.


    Doc Posh