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Care For Your Clothes

holistic-silk-coat-hangers.jpgDecorating the boudoir is an exciting, yet challenging experience. Great care must be taken with everything, from wall paper to wardrobe.

Why not hang your clothes with some Boudoir Clothes Hangers with Lavender? Not only will you be letting your clothes air, they will stay lavender fresh from the aroma gently released from the hanger. Practical and stylish, you can coordinate your clothes with specific coloured hangers such as blue, amethyst, bronze, black and jade to mention a few. Another benefit … lavender is supposedly a moth repellent which is great for your cashmere!

The boudoir clothes hangers are available at, priced at £14 so go ahead and ‘store with style’.

One Response to “Care For Your Clothes”

  1. missbruno Says:

    aromatherapy? yes!

    love when practical and style collides.