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Gossip Girl Is Coming To The UK

gossip-girl-blair.jpgHow exciting … The next best show to follow The O.C is going to air in the UK. Gossip Girl is a new television series made by O.C creator Josh Swartz following the lives of the Upper East Side’s elite in the big apple.

According to Digital Spy, ‘ITV2 has won the rights’ to Gossip Girl which is just one of the American TV shows ITV2 is acquiring. The ITV channel already airs shows like Entourage and Supernatural and will also air the new show Bionic Women starring Michelle Ryan. Although there are no overly famous actors in Gossip Girl you may recognise Nate (Chase Crawford) from The Covenant, Dan (Penn Badgley) from John Tucker Must Die and Rufus (Matthew Settle) from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Enjoy the drama, love triangles and amazing wardrobes when Gossip Girl airs.

Follow the link to Digital Spy for more information and log on to CWTV to see more about Gossip Girl.

2 Responses to “Gossip Girl Is Coming To The UK”

  1. Stylist Stuff Says:

    I love Gossip Girls and have only been able to see a couple of episode when I was back in Canada. Yippy!!

  2. La Belle Et Le Bete Says:

    Yay! I’m a huge GG fan and have had to go through the arduous process of watching it on the internet…. All I can say is, if the teenage girls of a certain west london single- sex school start trying to mimic it there will be trouble. I’ve been the GG and online gossip blogger of that school for years.