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Desperate Housewives Season 4

Very exciting indeed, Desperate Housewives will be returning for a fourth season. After missing the first three seasons, I decided it was the right time to catch up and the drama witnessed in all three was desirably addictive.

As we can remember, season 3 left off with an unhappy and unfaithful Gabrielle, who married a politician only interested in his work. A blissfully happy couple, who also tied the knot, we all know to be Susan and Mike. Bree was shown to be pregnant, although later we found out it was her covering for her pregnant daughter, Danielle. Sadly Lynette and Tom received some upsetting news that Lynette had contracted cancer and even sadder, Edie attempted suicide. How will it all pan out? I am eager to find out so bring on season 4 ASAP!

Preview the fourth season above currently being aired in the US.

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