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BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer LogoThe other night I was enjoying watching Fanny Hill on tv, but it was on really late and I fell asleep and missed the end. I wished that I had got up and set the video. However I was happy to discover BBC’s iPlayer the next day. I could watch the whole episode again as well as Eastenders, the real hustle or any of the BBC’s popular programmes from the previous week. If you have a decent Internet connection you can watch the programmes as they stream and the quality is uncompromised so its just a good as watching TV, but you can pick what you want to watch when you want.

If you prefer you can download the programmes to your PC using the BBCi player download manager. Unfortunately there are only a limited selection of shows available at one time so its not ‘TV on demand’ just yet but this site is one to watch for the future.

Originally this service could only be used by Windows XP and Vista users but it has been officially reported this month that Mac and Linux users be also able to download programmes as well as streaming. There will be also applications to make shows viewable from websites such as facebook and Youtube. Eric Huggers of the BBC said “We’re actively pursuing relationships with more suppliers to make sure the iPlayer becomes available on more services as well as Virgin Media, so that users have direct access to content on a TV through the iPlayer, “Use of iPlayer will no doubt become widespread in 2008. Watch out for the marketing campaign of the revamped iplayer which is to be launched on Christmas day.

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