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Frost Yourself Or A Friend This Christmas

mac-pigments-x5.jpgMAC, the fabulous make up company, can never do anything wrong, its consistently bringing out new products, revamping colours and making girls look gorgeous.

Christmas time, MAC really shines, often limited edition products are introduced for the holiday season and then other products are packed together as Christmas gifts. This year the Curiousitease range, part of the new Antiquitease collection (a range that has taken glitter and frosty colours to a new level) has become the most sought after gifts, especially the 5 cool pigments and glitter set. The cute mini pigments come packaged in a white box, decorated by a silver crown. Inside this Christmassy packaging, 5 cool- toned pigments stand in colours, Helium, Softwash Grey, Naval Blue and Forest Green and then they are complimented by the Reflects Blue Glitter.

The selection of pigments cost £24 and is available at, in stores and concessions, also visit the website to view the complete collections.

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