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Lotions & Potions is a quirky beauty brand that offers a great and fun selection of all sorts of lotions and potions that are guaranteed to sort you out in these next party filled weeks leading up to Christmas.

Some of my favourite products include the ‘Bender Mender’ and ‘no old bags allowed’ which promise to get you back feeling good as new after a few heavy sessions out with the girls.

The ‘Bender Mender’ is a herbal remedy invented by a Russian Doctor who originally perfected the product for the Russian Navy so I’m thinking it’s got to do the trick! It claims to end the feeling of nausea and will settle your stomach giving you a clear head to get on with day. It would appear to be a miracle working product and will only cost you £3.50. nooldbags1.JPG

‘No old bags allowed’ costing just £4 has been created to tackle those unsightly bags that develop under your eyes after one too many late nights. You no longer need to hide behind dark glasses after using this refreshing gel and orange flower water.

These products are to name but a few so check out to see what our beauty saving products you can get your hands on.

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