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Green is the New Black

greenisthenewbalck.JPGThis is a book written for all us girls who care about the next seasons hot looks but that also care about global warming. Green is the new black is definitely a must have accessory.

You find the truth about fast fashion to advice on the best biodegradable shoes, from guilt free spending sprees to the joys of swishing parties. Author Tamsin Blanchard is your guide to all things fabulous and fair-trade. She explains everything from the principle of ethical fashion and gives reasons for why it is so important to do it.

Find tips for the aspiring green goddess including ethical bling, how to knit your own scarf and the best places around for good old vintage sunglasses. So if you want fun facts on every aspect of sustainable but stylish living, this book is the perfect read. If you want change the world and your wardrobe, do not go shopping without it. It’s currently on sale at Amazon for £8.99.

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