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Shrek 3 To DVD

Shrek 3Released in time for the Christmas period, everyone’s favourite ogre, Shrek is back for the third time and faces more problems to inconvenience him.

Now married, Shrek was unaware that he was next in line for the thrown to rule Far Far Away, so when King Harold croaks his last croak it is exactly what he’s heading for. To stop the madness, Shrek, Puss In Boots and Donkey set out on another world wind adventure to bring back the only other person who could take his place. Along the way Prince Charming does his best to rid the world of Shrek and take his place as the King.

Another amusing, comedy to add to the previous two with the help of a gorgeous new actor/singer’s voice to add to the all starring cast.

Buy Shrek 3 for £11.98 from Amazon.

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