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Shopping While Drunk: Confessions from Modern Life

shoppingwhiledrunk.JPGWell what I can I say, this book sounds hilarious and so very true to life!! It’s going to be a read that leaves you chuckling through each page and will most definitely be one you never put down.

Basically this book is where you find the confessions of our modern sins. So whether it’s eating ice cream as a late night treat or shopping when drunk we all have a huge list of secret sins. To sum up, in this enjoyable and highly amusing read you will find a collection of things from modern life we secretly love but never own up to.

This book will give you the opportunity to open up your flaws with the fun interactive section which encourages you to tick which of the naughty sins you have indulged in. It’s certainly a time to be honest with the secret sins including sleeping in taxis, teeth whitening, fake tan and of course our all time classic, pulling a sickie. So, go on reveal all and get your hands on this fun read. It’s currently available at Amazon for just £7.79.

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