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Zap Those Zits

Zeno Acne Clearing DeviceGetting a spot of bother or sick of using endless amounts of spot clearing cream that just don’t work and wish for perfect skin? Invest in the new Zeno Acne Clearing Device. Switch the device on and hold the tip on the spot for several minutes, letting the heat cause the spot to ‘self-destruct’ and after a couple of tries, you should see the spot disappear, over 12-24 hours. A pain free and easy way to have clearer skin!

Spots appear at the worst times, create bad moods and spoil a perfectly preened face, so get rid of them in perfect time for the Christmas party season!

The Zeno Acne Clearing Device costs £129 and is available from

2 Responses to “Zap Those Zits”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I’ve found that Zeno works great! I don’t breakout crazy or anything, maybe a couple of zits here and there. You know, always at the worst times… A little worried about laying down so much cash, but glad to hear there’s a warranty. I really do love it! I would definitely recommend anyone to at least try it.

  2. Madi Says:

    I want a Zeno very badly, it’s on my christmas list! Good to hear Zeno works!