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Guitar Hero 3

If you have never played any of the guitar hero games, you should head down to your nearest Game on the 23rd of November and pick up a copy of guitar hero three for the PS2 PS3 Xbox and Wii. This is a must have for anyone that loves console dancing games, or just anyone that loves console games which offer something different.

To play this game you will need to have one of the amazing guitar controllers – you can buy one along with the game – These plastic controllers look a bit like the pretend guitar kids toys you get in Argos, they have five coloured buttons on the fret board and a whammy bar. The aim of the game is to watch the fret board that moves along with the music. When a coloured dot appears on the screen you press the conresponding colour button on the guitar and voila, you are playing the song. Its best to watch the clip above to see what I really mean.

Previous Guitar Hero games have allowed you to master playing some classic songs by legendary bands such as Guns and Roses and Nivarna but the music on the latest game is better than ever. Tracks include Metallica’s One, The Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK and Muse knights of Cydonia. Other new features include a two player battle mode which you can play over a network. If you are doing well you store up “star power” which you can use to send an attack to your competitor such as a ‘broken string’ or ‘double notes’. Like the other Guitar Hero games there is a career mode where you can advance to unlock more songs of increasing difficulty level. This time however there is a story line to the career mode, but not a particularly exciting one. I won’t say any more in case I spoil the fun. Watch the review of the game above to find out more and pre-order if from Game for £34.99 here.

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