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Drinks Fountain

Drinks FountainWhy waste time having to pour drinks for you and your guests when you could simply prepare a drinks fountain before the nights entertainments begin!

I’m sure if you’re not holding a festive party yourself, you will most likely be going to a few so its definitely worth spreading the word on this great gadget I have found. This drinks fountain, in my opinion is a great saviour from all those party groans you often get when people aren’t impressed with what the party has to offer – and lets face it there’s always at least one moaner in the crowd! The idea is that people will be so impressed with the fountain that they will forget about what it was they were moaning about!!

All that’s involved is simply pouring your chosen beverage in to the fountain and then turning it on. It couldn’t be simpler. The fountain then pumps the drink from the lower bowl up to the top tier. Once the drink overflows it then cascades down from the top level to give the fountain effect. Guests can now fill their cups without the use of a ladle, in turn this opens up more time to get that drinking on the go!!

This great little gadget is sure to keep everyone satisfied so £24.95 is not a bad price to have too pay. Be the perfect festive party host and log on to to get your very own drinks fountain.

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