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Laura Ashley 3 for 2

It is essential to invest in your Christmas gifts for others early, so making good use of the offers around at the moment is a good idea.

Laura Ashley Products

Laura Ashley is offering 3 for 2 on selected home ware furnishings, the ideal gifts for female relatives. Perhaps some elegant cocktail or wine glasses would be a lovely gift, very practical and in red are ideal for the season. The Red Lustre Dot Cocktail Glass is £7 as is the Red Lustre Dot Wine Glass and ordering a set of 3 would benefit you as you would only pay for 2. Or how about this Fabulous 3 Tiered Mirrored Cake Stand, an original gift, decorative and also practical, costing £28. The cake stand is also available on the 3 for 2, but there is so much more to choose from.

2 Responses to “Laura Ashley 3 for 2”

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  2. The Style PA Says:

    I love love love the cake stand. I want one!