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We Play Wii Play

04_features_mii_channel.jpgWe don’t often write about computer games on this blog which is a bit of a shame because there as so many great games about at the moment. I’ve recently had some more time and some more hard drive space so I’m back into gaming again… but I still think the best computer games are ones that you can play with your friends and obviously console games are the best for this.

At our house we have been particularly enjoying playing Wii Play for the Nintentdo Wii. This is quite a basic game but its simplicity makes it great for playing with a large group of friends. There are 9 games in the package and they are all really easy to pick up. You can design your own character, a Mii, and pick yourself and your friends out in a crowd in a “wheres wally” style observation game. There is Wii billards and air hockey which are so much more fun to play using the wii controllers that the usual wired controllers.

There are also some quirky games such as fishing and “Charge!” a crazy cow racing game! The only snag with this game is that you can only play with two players at a time so you will have to take turns but the games are really short so you shouldn’t be waiting for two long. Plus watching others is as fun as playing yourself. To find out more visit the offical Wii Website.

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