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The new game by Valve the makers of Half-life and Counter Strike, came out this Autumn and it’s what all the cool kids are playing. The game involves physical puzzles, where you must navigate your way through test chambers using the lastest invention by Apperture Science, the portal gun. You gradually learn how to use the gun as you progress through the game, its a bit like being in one of those weapons training sessions that you get at the beginning of most 1st person shooters except this time Valve have made a whole game out it.

The game isn’t very long, there are 19 levels and some only take a few minutes to complete, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting addicted – this game is short but very sweet. The video below makes the game look a bit more fast paced and action packed than it is. There aren’t really many “enemies” to kill and there isn’t much heart-racing pounding music, but this game doesn’t need it, the mental challenges and the awe inspiring game physics are enough to make you want to complete the game in one sitting.

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