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Facebook Finds of the Week

Facebook LogoIf you are one of the only few people with a social life beyond your desk, I salute you. Look away now, don’t even think about entering the evil world of Facebook. However if you are already living your life through the Internet, and lets face it you are reading this blog so you probably are, you might be interested in some Facebook distractions – Perfect for that boring day at work.

Anyway I just thought I’d write about some of the Facebook groups I’ve come across this week that I’ve found particularly amusing and of course informative (its not all a complete waste of time you know). My Favourite find this week has to be the ‘ if 500,000 people join this group i will change my middle name to Facebook’ group. Andrian Anderson is offering to become a true child of his times by changing his middle name to the Norwegian equivalent of ‘Facebook’. He’s a cool looking chap pictured with a glass of wine and panama hat. I think he’d really suit the name. The groups doing pretty well, he’s obviously put some effort in by publishing in multiple languages… he must really want this. so join up there are only 377,885 more members needed!

My second group this week is called ‘Fatal Mistakes Men Make During Sex’ it contains some much needed pointers for guys to follow when they are in bed with nice girls such as us. Some are a bit harsh but most are very true. I think this group is a must read for all guys who are ever planning to have sex with a woman again. Ladies join this group and spread the knowledge. Hopefully we will never have to suffer a number 16 again. Personally I’d love to read something like this written for girls by a guy… if you find something similar let me know.

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