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Archive for November, 2007

Transformers To DVD

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Transformers MovieThe movie of the year so far will hit stores near you and online on Monday 3rd December.

It seems like its been such a long time since Shia Labeouf became such a huge success in Hollywood, scoring the lead role in the much anticipated Michael Bay film. But in time for Christmas he will be back on screens, with his great sense of wit and geeky charm.

With superb action and CGI (computer generated images) effects, see good verses evil, when the Decepticon robots land on Earth causing mass destruction, fight against the Autobots, good robots who try to stop them.

Buy your copy Amazon for £12.98 for great entertainment or a great Christmas gift.

Purple Crazy

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Topshop Purple DressForget black this party season ladies, it’s all about the purple. You can already find stars modeling this seasons alternative to black on the red carpet so it’s going to be a must have colour!

As with every colour there are rules that must be obeyed in order to create the desired look. Basic rule number one, pick a dark purple frock and pair with a black clutch for maximum impact. You have to be careful not to add other bright colours for fear of pushing you into the hippy side of purple so just stick to the one shade.

Oasis Purple DressThe right shoes are essential with purple and you must resist buying matching shades of heels. The best option is black patent or maybe a glittery peep-toe pair for the ultimate party feel. Also, be careful with your make-up, if you go too dark you could end up looking like a try-hard goth – not a good look!

There is plenty of purple already out there on the high street like this Disk Cami top from Topshop. It’s pricey at £50 but is certainly a top that will get you noticed. For the more formal occasion I found this Jet flower halter neck dress from Oasis for £75. It’s the perfect party piece.

Ecoist Chica Rosa Recycled Ring Pull Clutch Bag

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

ring-pull-clutch.JPGWhile on the subject on talking about all things green and eco-friendly it would be wrong of me not to show you all this recycled ring pull bag that’s available from John Lewis. Yep, you’ve got it a bag made from all your old soft drink can ring pulls and it’s actually rather stylish!!

You too can be a recycled chic with this very unique and distinctive Ecoist clutch bag that is made from around 200 ring pulls – that’s a lot of drink cans. Every bag is handmade and signed by each designer to make it that extra bit special.

Ecoist bags are sure to be made in fair trade and sweatshop-free co-operatives in countries such as Mexico, Peru and Chile. These bags do not only do there bit for the environment but they are also helping communities in these undeveloped countries relieve some of its poverty and unemployment.

As each bag is made from handmade products each design will differ slightly so no two bags will be the same. If you like the idea of doing your bit for the environment whilst remaining stylish then spend £30 on this delightful clutch. It can be bought in store or on line at

Face Boutique

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

facelogo2.bmpFace Boutique has created a great range of products for young skin that remain free from all potentially harmful chemicals – and the products actually work!!

Not only do these products leave you with a clear conscience but they also smell divine, look great on bathroom shelves and leave our bodies feeling lovely and clean.

Whether you’re after body, face or hair products you need look no further as Face Boutique have it all. They have also created a fab body kit gift set just in time for xmas that contains handy travel size products from their body and hair range. It’s deliciously scented and especially formulated for our young skin. Each product comes in dinky 75ml bottles and the set itself is just £22.

You can find Body Kit as well as the whole range at

Green is the New Black

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

greenisthenewbalck.JPGThis is a book written for all us girls who care about the next seasons hot looks but that also care about global warming. Green is the new black is definitely a must have accessory.

You find the truth about fast fashion to advice on the best biodegradable shoes, from guilt free spending sprees to the joys of swishing parties. Author Tamsin Blanchard is your guide to all things fabulous and fair-trade. She explains everything from the principle of ethical fashion and gives reasons for why it is so important to do it.

Find tips for the aspiring green goddess including ethical bling, how to knit your own scarf and the best places around for good old vintage sunglasses. So if you want fun facts on every aspect of sustainable but stylish living, this book is the perfect read. If you want change the world and your wardrobe, do not go shopping without it. It’s currently on sale at Amazon for £8.99.

Python Arm Candy

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Topshop Metallic Bow ClutchIncoming news just updated this week – the metallic pythons huge on the bag radar. The time has arrived for everyone to snap up a fake snake.

Basically all super shiny snakeskin looks the same so there’s no need to have to spend a fortune and there is great opportunity to fake it on the high street this season. The scaly look is a great all rounder come day or night but the key is too keep the rest of your outfit to a minimal so the metallic shine can do the business!! From what I’ve seen in the celeb mags this week, size doesn’t matter when it comes to fake snake – clutch or tote as long as its metallic and scaly!!

Topshop have got a great collection of fake skin arm candy on offer, but my favourite has to be this Metallic Bow clutch. It’s a great size, it shines in all the right places, would brighten up any outfit and it’s just £18.

Fancy Feathers

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

featherbag.JPGWith the party season fast approaching, we are all in need of that unique party accessory to make us stand out in the crowd and according to all the celebs this season, the accessory to be seen with is the fancy feather.

You can guarantee that every accessory you can think of is now available with a feather touch. So far this season we have seen Sarah Harding in a stunning silver feather dress, Sarah Jessica Parker with a gigantic multicoloured feather bag and not forgetting Melissa George who has been spotted with fancy feather head wear.

If you fancy the feather look for yourself then make sure you keep things simple otherwise there is always the risk of ending up looking like drag queen – and no one can think that is a good look!!!

I have found some great but simple feather accessories to get you started. This Locked luggage bag by Laguna London is made of ostrich feathers and has a fab diamantes lock. This bag is a sure winner to accompany any glam evening frock.featherrose.JPG

If you just wanted the more subtle approach then this Feather Lace rose from Johnny loves Rosie is perfect. It can actually be worn as either a corsage or a hair clip and costs just £18. It would add the finishing touch to the classic black dress.

Bourjois Mini Make-up

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

boujoismini.JPGTell me if I’m wrong ladies, but don’t you just end up getting really fed up with trying to fit your essential items of make up in to your favourite but tiny clutch bag on a big night out.

In fact I avoid buying small bags these days because I’d rather have a bigger and sometimes heavier bag than be caught out one night looking like a monster without make-up!!

However fear not, it would appear we can have the best of both worlds. This revelation comes in the form of Boujois’s new mini make-up collection. The range caters for all our beauty needs but for half the size. Choose from mini eye shadows in all your favourite shades, lip gloss that you can cleverly attach to your mobile and beautiful shades of nail enamel for all occasions.

Now you can have your favourite but small clutch bag by your side at all times. If you want to check out the whole collection on offer for yourself then log on to

Girls Aloud – Style DVD

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Girls Aloud StyleEver wondered what it takes to create the beauty and elegance of the Girls Aloud girls, Nadine, Cheryl, Kimberley, Sarah and Nicola? Wonder no longer as the new DVD Girls Aloud Style presents an insight into how the looks are created.

Sharing their own tips in fashion and beauty the girls give great advice on how to rock a look. Watch Sarah and Nadine shop, Cheryl share secrets, Nicola find the perfect jeans and Kimberley talk through Internet shopping and the benefits.

Plus have some of the girl’s best music videos on hand to watch and dance to, such as Sound of the Underground; See the Day, Long Hot Summer, Biology and Sexy! No No No, to name a few.

Buy the new DVD from priced at £10.98, plus postage and packaging.

MAC Antiquitease Collection

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

MAC Antiquitease CollectionThe new collection is sparkly, glitzy and glamorous, and is for a girl who loves silver and gold. The antique inspired range represents a modern natured, flirty girl with the fashion style of another time.

Characterise your lips with colour that stands out like the Queen’s Sin or Guilty Kiss priced at £11, use instead of lipstick or simply compliment it with the Tinted Lipglass such as Red Romp costing £10.50. Shimmer Mineralize Eye Shadows, £12 such as Engaging or Family Silver over the lids and define lashes with Fibre Rich Lash, mascara that lengthens and thickens lashes costing £10. Finally accessorize your outfit with Nail Lacquer, a glossy nail varnish that’s bold in Gold Veneer, £8.

View the entire collection at or visit a MAC concession or store to test and buy.