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Nars Cosmetics Launches Skincare

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Nars cosmeticsI am an avid fan of Nars cosmetics so I was delighted to hear that the upmarket company have launched skin care products. I recommend the Nars gentle cream cleanser at £28; it cleans away make up and leaves skin soft and smooth. Also the Nars brightening serum at £43, it is god sent! It illuminates your skin leaving you fresh and radiant and finally I advise the Nars balancing toning lotion which does exactly what its title says, at £26 it leaves your skin healthy and perfectly polished.

To purchase any of these fine products visit or visit a department store that stocks the Nars brand. You can search the department stores and shops that stock the brand.

Tefal Quick Cup Kettle

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

tefal-quickcup-home.jpgIf like me you tend to drink a hell of a lot of tea in one day then it must feel as though you spend half your life waiting for a kettle to boil. It also becomes very frustrating when you think you have time to make a quick cuppa in between an advert break and your favourite programme but then you end up missing vital parts as the kettle hasnt boiled in time!!

Well Tefal claim to have invented the revolutionary Quick Cup Kettle that could be the answer to our problems. Apparently this new super gadget can boil water in just 3 seconds and can also be used as water filter.

You fill this kettle up in the conventional way and the magic takes place at the touch of a red button. The water is heated instantly! No energy gets wasted on heating water you dont need or boiling water you dont use. The quick Cup actually claims to provide a 65% energy saving compared to normal kettles for all those people out there watching their carbon footprint.

Apparently more than 230 million cups of tea and coffee are drunk in Briton every day and if people heated only the water they needed, rather than full kettles, the country would save enough energy to power the entire nation’s street lighting – something for all to think aboout!!

So if you want instant hot water at the touch of a button thats a great time, energy and money saver then you currently find the Quick Cup kettle with £10 off at It will still cost you £49.99 but with all these great environmental implications its bound to worth it in the long run!!

Stila Smoky Eye Palette

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Stila Smoky Eye PaletteStila Smoky Eye Palette is like no other palette you have ever seen – this nifty makeup delight actually talks to you!

Not only does it have everything you will ever need to create the perfect smoky eye, it will take you on a step by step tutorial – complete genius! You simply press the little button thats positioned inside the palette on the inside lid and listen to a robotic sounding voice that will tell you exactly where and with what brush to apply each colour. In just 5 easy steps you have the perfect smoky eye.

The palette includes four shades including icy champagne as the base, shade slate for the lid, shade kettle that is dark grey used as the contour and shade ebony that is smoky black brown for the liner.

So if you want to get your hands on what seems to be a personal make-up artist get on down to your local department store where it will cost you around £35 or visit HQ Hair.

Mosaic Make Up Purse & Vanity Bag

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

ring_overnight_bag_vanitypng.jpgIf you are looking for branded travel accessories with a difference then these 2 beauties are perfect.

They are both designed and created by Tepper Jackson from the Supernice brand and either one (or both depending on how generous you’re feeling) could be the ideal quirky gift you’ve been looking for.

The missoni-esque cosmetics bag is just £15 and has robust and amazing graphic prints that I just love. Its also waterproof for that easy care advantage. I know from experience that if you have a spillage in a make up bag that cannot be washed down, it means the end of the bag for good as all the make up inside then becomes untouchable – either that or you end up with more make up on your hands than on your face which isn’t a desired look!

The vanity/overnight bag has the exact same appeal as the cosmetic bag with the bold graphics and is again a perfect easy care accessory. It can be used as a simple overnight bag or if you’re planning on a longer trip away is just as useful as a vanity bag. It has 2 large internal compartments so your clothes and toiletries can be separated and will cost you £45.

If you think these bags are as great as I do then they can be seen and bought on line at Not on the High Street

Brighten Up Your Journey

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

38oystersfixed414x414_0.jpgTravel cards are an essential accessory for every Londoner – but they are certainly not the most attractive one. Well now you can jazz up your travel cards with this special designer pouch. There is a choice of two designs. One is a funky Julian MacDonald creation (pictured) and the other is a more simple leaf design designed by Presenter Fearne Cotton.

The great thing about these cards is not only will they liven up a dull tube journey but they have been made in aid of Breast Cancer Care so all proceeds go to the charity. You can purchase these cards for only £5 from the Breast Cancer Care website. These pouches will definitely make you want to take your oyster card out of your bag when you swipe it.

Designer Laptop Bags

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

For all us young professionals out there, traipsing around with a laptop is a part of our day to day lives, however the big chunky black laptop bags leaves a lot to be desired – definitely not a must have fashion accessory, but practical none the less!!

So why not be able to combine practical with good taste when it comes to laptop bags – well I have the answer! Abbinewyork has some of the most stunning laptop bags on the market and have a design to suit everyone.

Sienna BagI personally love this Sienna bag – I’m guessing it might be named after style icon Sienna Miller! Its a perfect girly pink that puts the fun in function and will compliment any fashion item. Its made of gorgeous hand-crafted silk brocade print, has a large easy access pocket for books and magazines and of course the all important padded computer compartment. It also has a large adjustable strap for the perfect comfort and costs $89.

Ally BagIf the strap look is not sophisticated enough for you, then this Ally bag will be more your thing. Its designed as a briefcase to carry the laptop with more style, although there is a strap if the carrying around by hand way gets too much!It has all the same perks as the Sienna and is comfortable and light to use, however its $10 cheaper at just $79.

Little Black Dress Books

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

True Love and Other LiesI always associate a little black dress with a night out on the town that’s full of all sorts of fun and frolics, however little black dress books have another idea. They have marketed this collection as being a great night in with a book!!

The whole collection currently consists of 34 novels, however it appears they’re forever growing! Each book is smart, sexy and sassy and has everything you would expect to find in a chick lit.

Little Black dress consist of a team of writers that bring a cool and contemporary feel to the classic romantic fiction. In fact 2 books are to be released this month. You’ve got ‘True love and other lies’ which is described as “A fabulous, feisty romance about how fickle a friend fate can be…” and ‘Forget about it’ which is more of “a funny and original novel about how to really get away from it all!”

If you want to find out more then all you need to do is log on to where the whole collection and several snipets from each book are available to read. The site also links to Amazon where the books can be purchased and both of the latest editions can be found for half price at just £2.50.

Ugly Betty Season 1

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Ugly Betty Season 1Ugly Betty stormed our televisions in the UK back in January, so if you missed an episode or the entire series buy it now on DVD!

I personally am one of the fashion traitors that did not catch on to the show but now after borrowing a friends season 1 box set, I am an avid fan. I cannot bear the thought of not getting my humour fix from Amanda and Mark or the bitter spitefulness of Wilhelmina and the sorrow I feel for Betty.

Anyway not only can you watch the first series on DVD as many times as you want you can catch the second series now on E4 on Wednesday’s and on Channel 4 on Friday’s. You can purchase the first series at for £29.98 with free delivery.

Celebrity Style T-Shirts

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Sketchy Angel TankI’ve always wondered where all these celebs find their funky retro style t-shirts as I’m yet to find them on the high street. However there’s no need for me to wonder any more as I have found the perfect supplier. stocks the latest collection of rock chick and retro t-shirts, plus Gwen Stefani’s exclusive clothing range Harajuku Lovers.

Wonder Woman Lightening T-shirtHaving not known Gwen Stefani even had a clothes range I’m shocked at how good her stuff actually is. This white Sketchy Angel Tank is definitely next on my must have list! Not only does it have one of Gwens famous LAMB girls find on a zebra as the t-shirt pattern, it also has the extra added touch of coloured heart shape snaps on the shoulder – and its extra long which is a must in any tank t-shirt. Its not the cheapest vest top you will find at £26.50, but its definitely one of the most original you’re likely to find!!

Among some of the other great designs you will also find this Wonder Woman Lightening T-shirt by Junk Food. Its a retro tee that has lightening bolts and stars continuing right onto the back of the top. This brand is popular amongst the a-list celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Anniston and this particular tee will cost you £22.50.

Log on now to find what other exclusive designs you can find and create the rock chick look everytime!

Catering For a Christmas Party

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

M&S CanapesHoliday season is upon us and it’s the best time to have a party. I’m thinking of hosting an elegant evening of drinks for the girls with champagne and canapés. After attending a launch party where I sampled some delectable smoked salmon canapés complimented with cream cheese and lemon, I wish to create similar delights.

M&S Rose BrutObviously I won’t be making them myself as I’m no Nigella Lawson, so I have been on a hunt for food to order. Marks & Spencer’s have a selection of food available to order for parties and I am interested in the 18 Oak Smoked Salmon Appetisers priced at just £5.99. This is Scottish smoked salmon wrapped around two flavoured mousse, 9 salmon and prawn and 9 salmon and rocket. Or perhaps the 12 Hot Smoked Salmon Shots priced at £12.99. This is a mousse that is a mixture of salmon, soft cheese, lemon and dill with smoked salmon and a flake of hot salmon and dill topping it off in a shot glass. Why not both? Finally to spice up the evening I’m thinking of the Gold Label of Sparkling Rose Brut, case of 12 for £59.99 equalling to £4.91 per bottle.

Visit Marks & Spencer on line to order yours.