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Kylie's Back and She's in Love!

Kylie is back and better than ever before. Her new single 2 Hearts is released on Paralphone on the 5th Nov and takes Kylie in a slightly new direction. Her new album still retains a dance feel but with a new electro vibe. The 2 Hearts single has been compared to recent Goldfrapp releases but this track has a darker gothic feeling to it.

The electro four piece band who work with kylie on this single are UK based Kish Mauve. They look amazing in Goth transvestite gear. I love the way the pianist flings away his chair and plays the piano standing up whilst head banging for the rest of the song. Kylie of course also looks fantastic, especially in the all in one cat-suit. I love her debauched semi-sober style in this video. This song really brings out the Goth in me.

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