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Freemasons cover Alanis

I’ve fallen back in love with pop music so I’m afraid you are going to have to listen to me rave about the latest chart hits on this blog for a while, as well as how fit Mark Ronson is! My absolute favourite track at the moment is Freemason’s cover of Alanis Morrisette’s little known song Uninvited. The original track can be found on Alanis’s MTV Unplugged Live CD and is an amazing song. Hopefully this cover will bring it the recognition it deserves. The lyrics which are about reservations we all feel about letting ourselves succumb to a new admirer are what make this song, but the music is also very dark and powerful.

The Freemasons remix retains all the moody harmonies while giving the song new impetus with a sexy driving beat. Bailey Tzuke has replaced Alanis’s on this cover. She has been hailed as the new joss stone and is usually found playing folksy keyboard music and supporting Rufus Wainwright. Her voice is more pretty and girly than Alanis’s which helps the transition of this cover into the typical dance genre. I think this is a really successful remix and is bound to be one of the dance anthems of the year.

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