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Tefal Quick Cup Kettle

tefal-quickcup-home.jpgIf like me you tend to drink a hell of a lot of tea in one day then it must feel as though you spend half your life waiting for a kettle to boil. It also becomes very frustrating when you think you have time to make a quick cuppa in between an advert break and your favourite programme but then you end up missing vital parts as the kettle hasnt boiled in time!!

Well Tefal claim to have invented the revolutionary Quick Cup Kettle that could be the answer to our problems. Apparently this new super gadget can boil water in just 3 seconds and can also be used as water filter.

You fill this kettle up in the conventional way and the magic takes place at the touch of a red button. The water is heated instantly! No energy gets wasted on heating water you dont need or boiling water you dont use. The quick Cup actually claims to provide a 65% energy saving compared to normal kettles for all those people out there watching their carbon footprint.

Apparently more than 230 million cups of tea and coffee are drunk in Briton every day and if people heated only the water they needed, rather than full kettles, the country would save enough energy to power the entire nation’s street lighting – something for all to think aboout!!

So if you want instant hot water at the touch of a button thats a great time, energy and money saver then you currently find the Quick Cup kettle with £10 off at It will still cost you £49.99 but with all these great environmental implications its bound to worth it in the long run!!

One Response to “Tefal Quick Cup Kettle”

  1. Rosie Says:

    This is a grewat idea, but doesn’t boiil the water properly. Makes a horrid cup of tes. A complete waste of money in our house.