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Nokia Prism 7900

Nokia Prism 7900This new Nokia 7900 mobile is the newest and most high tech gadget to be developed by these mobile geniuses and its aimed straight at us girly trend setters who are always seeking to have the latest technology.

It comes fully loaded with enough techy stuff to keep any gadget girl amused. It boasts a super glossy front with an aluminum back cover that has the Nokia prism collections signature diamond shape lasered into it.

Some of the main features that will have you reveling in this phones design are the camera that’s capable of recording DVD quality videos so you can capture all your favourite moments in motion and the choice of over a whooping 49 colours to have as either keypad or the display design.

My favourite feature has to be the ‘living’ wallpaper which apparently changes dynamically based on the time of day, the strength of your signal and how much battery life remains. The whole phone gives you the opportunity to create a unique colour scheme based on your own personal preferences.

It’s the look of this phone that seems to make it different from the rest and I think they have definitely created a gadget that will capture the hearts of all us young trend setters. The release date is yet to be confirmed so I can’t comment on prices but you can keep your eye out for further info at

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