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Antiques Galore

I love unusual and interesting vintage style furniture and gadgets not commonly found in many homes, and I’ve found After Noah to be the perfect supplier of such delights.

They started as a small antiques shop and have grown and developed into three boutiques based in prime London locations plus an on line shop. You can guarantee to find a blend of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture, toys, jewellery and gifts. When they stock everything from one-off furniture pieces to vintage bags its hard not to find something to suit your taste.

Eco Friendly Reusable Shopping BagSome of my favourite treasures found here include this Envirosax Red Floral Eco Friendly Reusable Shopping Bag. Its such a great design and provides the perfect reusable shopper. Its certainly supporting the eco-friendly movement to move away from the plastic carrier bag style shopper and costs a mere £5.50.

Pink & Ivory Acrylic TelephoneI also adore this Blush Pink & Ivory Acrylic Telephone for £85. Its quite pricey but I just think its so quirky and makes a great 60’s replica.

To find out what other treasures can be found just log on to or if you happen to be in London then pop in store.

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