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Cadbury's Wispa is Back

Cadbury's WispaI feel it is my duty to let everyone know that the Cadbury’s Wispa bar is making its long awaited come back. If you’re an 80’s child like myself then just the mention of Cadbury’s Wispa will start your taste buds tickling – but where I hear you all asking did they go??

Well according to the official Cadbury’s website they were whisked off our shelves, never to be seen again in 2003 and replaced by Dairy Milk bubbly- no reasons given!! However, where some things are best left in the past, these delights are not!

It is said that the relaunch is a response to on line petitions and campaigns from thousands of fans that want to see Wispa back on our shelves. This great comeback will be for a limited period only and starts this month.

Cadbury’s are said to be producing around 23 million bars and are to be packaged in the original blue wrappers, however instead of the 16p 1983 launch price, we will be looking at having to spend 42p – oh well, it wont stop me chomping on my all time favourite choccie bar!!

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