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My Film of the Year – So Far!

Atonement is the best romantic drama since Pride and Predjudice. It features Keira Knightly looking her most stunning yet as 24 year old Cecilia, the eldest daughter in the wealthy Tallis family. After finishing Cambridge Cecilia has lot of time to mooch around the family estate entertaining wealthy businessmen and generally lounging around gardens looking wistful and slightly bored.

Luckily for her the son of the family housekeeper played by James McAvoy is gorgeous, educated and just the right age to keep Cecilia entertained, however being slightly snobby it takes Cecilia some time to realise that she’s actually in love with Robbie. Like with all good tragic romances as soon as she does – it all starts to go wrong and happiness is snatched away from them. Cecilia’s 13 year old sister Briony, the main character in the story, lets her vivid imagination run away with her and implicates Robbie in a distressing event which happens at the Tallis household one night at dinner. As a result Robbie and Cecilia part and the rest of the film follows the two characters attempts to re-establish their romance while being separated by war as well as Briony’s story of her desire to make amends for the tragic consequences of the lie she told that night. Watch the trailer below or visit the film website to hear the amazing soundtrack, read a synopsis of the story and lots more.

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