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Avoid a Halloween Nightmare

pinupgirlclothing_1969_696583651.jpgGirls it’s nearly October, that means only a month until Halloween! Ok so it’s not exactly the most important social event of the year – you may not have even been invited to any parties yet but don’t let yourself get caught short this year without the perfect costume. Halloween is the sort of thing that creeps up on you – excuse the pun – you often don’t realise that you will be required to find the most imaginative, scary yet sexy costume until the night before which can be a real nightmare. Last year I ended up at a party wearing a black bin bag and witches hat made out of a cereal box… not cool.

This year however I’m going to be prepared. It’s been quite a task to find a decent costume and ive had to turn to a US website called Pin-up Girl Clothing. As it’s an American site, it’s unlikely you will turn up at a party wearing the same outfit as your friends but shipping takes at least a week so you should order now. My favourite Halloween costumes are the Roman Slave girl costume and the Pirate Captain costume. If you are looking for something that it more likely to terrify try the Vampire Diva costume or just take a look at the Pin up Girl blog for more ideas. To buy a costume now click here.

One Response to “Avoid a Halloween Nightmare”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    I so need to start thinking of a costume. For the past 2 years, I was lame even for the lax costume standards at the party I usually go to. Last year I was a sexy cat. I know, I know! The year before that I went straight from work and as such was dressed as a “stressed-out finance professional”.
    The bad string of costumes will hopefully end this year. I’m trying to get my boyfriend to do matching costumes but it’s proving to be difficult to do so without stepping into the sickeningly sweet or the simply ridiculous…