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I’m always on the look out for new bath and beauty products to help decorate my bathroom and have found that NPW is definitely the place to buy my products. Whilst searching through this huge selection there were many treats that caught my eye but I have to say my favourites were the Red Poppy Guest Soap for its vintage look and these Milk Bath Sachets for their originality.

Red Poppy Guest Soap The Red Poppy Guest Soap claims to be made the old fashioned way with the finest ingredients which help keep the smell lasting longer. The design of the soap is that it will just fit right in the palm of your hand to create the perfect hand wash and all for just £13.50.

Milk Bath Sachets These Milk Bath Sachets will do just the job in my much needed relaxing bath after a stressful day. The powder is fragranced and all you have to do is pour and then sit back and relax. There are 3 sachets to a pack and cost just £2.50.

NPW stocks a beautiful range of bath, body and beauty products from all around the world. They offer fun, original and often stylish ideas to help out with those much needed gift ideas and you can buy all without even having to leave your chair.

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