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The New Atkins

CabbageRecently I can’t help but notice the hype surrounding the “Cabbage Soup Diet”. Just the other day I was moaning about my weight, when a colleague advised me to try it (she lost 7lbs on it in 7 days). I’m quite a sceptical person as previous experience has taught me so I looked into the diet further.

The diet is seven days long and consists of eating as much cabbage soup as you wish, as much fruit as you want except bananas, as many vegetables as you would like and a baked potato. There are other foods allowed sporadically but the previously mentioned are the mains. Although the diet looks incredibly bland, I hear great reviews, but be aware that this diet should only be done for 7 days at a time and that you should have at least 2 weeks of normal food after as this is very low in minerals, protein, vitamins and complex carbohydrates. For more information go to

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