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Just Married Panties

Just Married HotpantsIf your big day is approaching and you want something sexy but classy for your wedding night then check out these just married knickers and hotpants from Bridal Party Tees. You can choose from a camisole with hotpants or thong or even a low rise bikini. The garments are available in black with white writing, white with black writing, pale blue with dark blue writing or pale pink with dark pink writing. I personally prefer the black hotpants, I think they’re fab!

Just Married KnickersThe website also offers other great slogans on underwear, t-shirts and even handbags all related to the big day. Some of my favourites are ‘Bachelorette Support Crew’, ‘Buy Me a Shot, I’m Tying the Knot’ and ‘Father of the Bride AKA Man with the Maxed Out Credit Card’. They have something to suit all guests and all events while your wedding is in full swing. I found this website through Intimate Guide who have some great lingerie reviews and ideas.

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