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Archive for September, 2007

My Film of the Year – So Far!

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Atonement is the best romantic drama since Pride and Predjudice. It features Keira Knightly looking her most stunning yet as 24 year old Cecilia, the eldest daughter in the wealthy Tallis family. After finishing Cambridge Cecilia has lot of time to mooch around the family estate entertaining wealthy businessmen and generally lounging around gardens looking wistful and slightly bored.

Luckily for her the son of the family housekeeper played by James McAvoy is gorgeous, educated and just the right age to keep Cecilia entertained, however being slightly snobby it takes Cecilia some time to realise that she’s actually in love with Robbie. Like with all good tragic romances as soon as she does – it all starts to go wrong and happiness is snatched away from them. Cecilia’s 13 year old sister Briony, the main character in the story, lets her vivid imagination run away with her and implicates Robbie in a distressing event which happens at the Tallis household one night at dinner. As a result Robbie and Cecilia part and the rest of the film follows the two characters attempts to re-establish their romance while being separated by war as well as Briony’s story of her desire to make amends for the tragic consequences of the lie she told that night. Watch the trailer below or visit the film website to hear the amazing soundtrack, read a synopsis of the story and lots more.

Avoid a Halloween Nightmare

Friday, September 28th, 2007

pinupgirlclothing_1969_696583651.jpgGirls it’s nearly October, that means only a month until Halloween! Ok so it’s not exactly the most important social event of the year – you may not have even been invited to any parties yet but don’t let yourself get caught short this year without the perfect costume. Halloween is the sort of thing that creeps up on you – excuse the pun – you often don’t realise that you will be required to find the most imaginative, scary yet sexy costume until the night before which can be a real nightmare. Last year I ended up at a party wearing a black bin bag and witches hat made out of a cereal box… not cool.

This year however I’m going to be prepared. It’s been quite a task to find a decent costume and ive had to turn to a US website called Pin-up Girl Clothing. As it’s an American site, it’s unlikely you will turn up at a party wearing the same outfit as your friends but shipping takes at least a week so you should order now. My favourite Halloween costumes are the Roman Slave girl costume and the Pirate Captain costume. If you are looking for something that it more likely to terrify try the Vampire Diva costume or just take a look at the Pin up Girl blog for more ideas. To buy a costume now click here.

Per Una at M&S Launch GD25

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Per Una GD25 CardiganPer Una at Marks & Spencers have launched GD25 which features the top style sensations from designer George Davies, the event was in aid of his 25 year fashion career.

The collection features 25 must have items, from 25 years in fashion and was launched on the 25th September which is why there is an element of silver featured in each piece.

Per Una GD25 TunicThe use of shiny silver, gunmetal grey and black are used to create pieces that can be worn on their own or mixed together to create an entire wardrobe for this season depending on what style statement you are wanting to make.

When I viewed the collection I have to say that I liked it all, however my clear favourite was this chunky cardigan which is £79.50. It can either be worn as a sweater dress or will look fab over skinny jeans. If you’re looking for a dressier item, I adored this Appliqué Tunic which is just £35.

The whole collection is only going to be available for just 25 days and can be found in only 25 shopping destinations (although can be bought on line) so speed is of the essence when it comes to this silver touch!!! Check out these other gorgeous designs from the collection.

Per Una GD25 Collection

Jacquard Dress – £99.00 (left).

Bobble Cardigan – £120 (middle).

Frill Hem Mac – £89.50 (right).

iPod Nano Reduced by £50

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Pink iPod NanoOver the past year or so I have seen so many new versions of Apple iPod’s I just didn’t realise how cheap the older ones were. After my trusty iPod mini began to fail on me I decided to shop for a new one and was pleasantly surprised to find the iPod Nano at the reasonable price of £78.97 on the Argos website.

The 4 GB iPod Nano has up to 24 hours of music play back, stores up to 1000 songs and up to 25,000 images, ranging in colours from hot pink, green, blue and silver. A must buy in my opinion.

To get yours go to and either reserve for store pick up or buy online.

The WAG's Diary

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

WAG's DiaryHitting the shelves this October is this hilarious new book by sports journalist Alison Kervin.

She has created a fantastic fictional novel based around Luton FC’s longest standing WAG – Tracie Martin. Tracie’s husband Dean has kept her in Chanel bags and stunning Racoon hair extensions for years and becomes horrified to see that WAG standards are starting to slip.

Read Tracies ridiculously OTT diary snippets and definitive rulebook on life as a WAG, this really is one you won’t be able to put down. If you find yourself addicted to this read you will be please to know that The WAG’s Diary 2 is due to be released in 2008 for more hilarious antics.

You can pre-order both The WAG Diary books from for just £6.99.

Via Trashionista

Karen Millen Goes Online

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Karen Millen has always set its prices slightly higher than those of regular high street stores, however I share the opinion that they know how to provide high quality, classic looking clothing that you can guarantee will last you for as long as you need it. From these reasons alone it is clear why they have become a top high street retailer.

Karen Millen Online

For me, Karen Millen’s appeal is all down to its once-its-gone-its-gone policy. There are much less runs of each style made so you can almost guarantee that you could turn up to any event and you won’t come face to face with anyone else wearing the same item – for me there’s nothing worse!!

So is a fashion happening that no one should miss. From little black numbers to daring party frocks, from snake skin shoes to green wedges, they have it all including matching accessories.

Hollyoaks Hunks 2008

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Holloaks 08 CalendarI think most people would agree, the cast of Hollyoaks don’t perhaps always get the job due to their talented acting skills! They must be the best looking cast ever (in the UK anyway) and its always nice to be able to wake up to your favourite character in the morning (their picture of course).

So girls, get ready to swoon over the latest edition of Hollyoaks Hunks calendar that has just hit the shops. All the shots have been taken around a pool and a home gym so you can guarantee to see a lot of hunky flesh.

If ogling boys pumping iron and wearing skimpy trunks is your idea of heaven then you can find this official calendar at for just £4.99.

Pink LCD TV with DVD

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Pink LCD TVI just adore anything pink, especially pink gadgets so when I saw that this TV/DVD combi was available to buy I knew it would make my pink gadget collection complete!!

It’s a perfectly formed 15″ LCD flat screen TV with integrated DVD player. It is also compatible to double up as a high quality computer monitor and since the launch of the pink computer from the same company, it’s just what we’ve been waiting for – it just gets better!!

Mount it on the wall or just simply place it somewhere, where everyone is sure to notice it – I don’t think it would be easy to hide!!!

So if you fancy being tickled pink over and over again all you have to do is check out where you find the TV for £188, plus other irresistible pink hi-tech gadgets.

Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

As London Fashion Week drew to a close, celebs and famous faces took to the catwalk to raise money for UK flood victims. The charity event named ‘Fashion For Relief’ was organised by top British Model Naomi Campbell and followed a similar event organised at New York Fashion Week for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Clothes were modelled by a whole cast of celebrities and models including Jamelia, Rio Ferdinand, Boy George, Lily Cole and of course Naomi herself. Other popular UK personalities also joined in such as Twins Amanda & Sam, Shayne Ward, Simon Webb and Patsy Palmer.

Even Fergie and daughter princess Beatrice made an appearance on the catwalk in floor length, black figure hugging gowns.

For those of you that didn’t get the chance to attend the high profile event, here’s a backstage and on stage clip; sorry about the foreign commentary, there’s no complete English version yet!

Natural Products Worldwide

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

I’m always on the look out for new bath and beauty products to help decorate my bathroom and have found that NPW is definitely the place to buy my products. Whilst searching through this huge selection there were many treats that caught my eye but I have to say my favourites were the Red Poppy Guest Soap for its vintage look and these Milk Bath Sachets for their originality.

Red Poppy Guest Soap The Red Poppy Guest Soap claims to be made the old fashioned way with the finest ingredients which help keep the smell lasting longer. The design of the soap is that it will just fit right in the palm of your hand to create the perfect hand wash and all for just £13.50.

Milk Bath Sachets These Milk Bath Sachets will do just the job in my much needed relaxing bath after a stressful day. The powder is fragranced and all you have to do is pour and then sit back and relax. There are 3 sachets to a pack and cost just £2.50.

NPW stocks a beautiful range of bath, body and beauty products from all around the world. They offer fun, original and often stylish ideas to help out with those much needed gift ideas and you can buy all without even having to leave your chair.