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Personalised Laptop Lids

getimage.jpgLong gone are the days when we carried a picture of our loved ones or our favourite pet in our wallet or in a locket around our neck. The mobile phone quickly became the most logical way to carry our photographic mementos around with us. A flick through the pictures folder during a boring lunch hour could brighten up our day; a personal moment – reminding us what it’s like to be at home with the man of our dreams or in Ibiza sipping cocktails till dusk.

But suddenly we wanted everyone to know what our boyfriend/kid/dog/us and our mates at a party looks like!! First came the picture t-shirts, thankfully these didn’t really catch on due to the fact that a printed square photo on a cheap white t-shirt might look highly individual but never stylish. Then the personalised photo hand bags and wallets arrived in droves. Every other woman on the tube had an oversized leather-strapped handbag proudly displaying their adorable gappy toothed three year old. The craze for these “brag-bags” has finally subsided.

But just when you thought you could put down the sick bucket Toshiba launch the Personalised laptop. You can now get the picture of your choice printed on the lid of your laptop. I’m sure Toshiba envisaged us all walking the streets with serene scenes of Windows screen-saver type images of sunsets and Stonehenge on our laptop but something tells me I’m going to spend my train journey staring at a picture of a 45 year old sales manager’s hen-night memento as she does her spreadsheets.

One Response to “Personalised Laptop Lids”

  1. mimi Says:

    love it i would probably use a pucci inspired print xxoo mimi come visit