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Lomme Bed: The Ultimate Relaxation Egg

Lomme BedWhen I think of a bed I think of a bouncy mattress, cosy duvet and loads of pointless pillows. However, the perception of the bed is starting to change and I have just come across a product that proves this. Lomme Bed is an egg shaped structure that incorporates all the latest technology and gadgets but is also a bed. Did you ever think your bed would be able to eliminate outside sounds preventing disturbances in the night or offer a muscle relaxing system? I certainly didn’t, however this is exactly what the Lomme Bed can do.

It is packed full of sleep enhancing technology and even has an iPod dock so you can listen to your favourite tunes before you set off to the land of nod! Apparently it is only available in Liechtenstein at the moment but I’m sure this is going to be one popular bed once it is exported. I imagine it will cost a small fortune but hey, we can dream can’t we.

Via Gizmodo.

3 Responses to “Lomme Bed: The Ultimate Relaxation Egg”

  1. SudsMuffin Says:

    Wow! I love this bed! How cool would this look in a huge open concept loft?

  2. Herrin Says:

    This looks awesome, and very futuristic too.

    I work in a chiropractic clinic among other things and this has brought home the importance of having strong support, good pillows etc. The ipod thing sis a great idea, I often lie in bed and listen to music.

    Always good if you feel like you’re in a science fiction movie too.

    Drop by our site if you want to listen to some beautiful relaxing music to go with the bed that we can’t afford.

    Health and Happiness

  3. Mia Callow Says:

    Lomme Hotel, Lomme Lobby, Lomme world i can see it all, not much news since the launch, are you guys in production, i am emailing you now… hope so, i want to own it and sell it and be part of it…Mia, ps. any more products??