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Princess Diana Concert

Dance and music acts from around the world yesterday joined Princes William and Harry at Wembley Stadium to celebrate and remember the life and work of their mother Princess Diana. Stars such as Elton John, Take That, Lily Allen, P Diddy, Duran Duran, Joss Stone and Nelly Furtado all performed live in a concert that will be remembered for years to come. My personal favourite act was the cast of Swan lake – pasted at the bottom of this article for you to watch!

The concert was held to celebrate what would have been Princess Di’s 46th birthday and also in memory of the tragic car accident that took place 10 years ago on August 31st. Princes William and Harry addressed the audience of 63,000 at the very beginning of the concert and they were clearly both very nervous but extremely brave.

All proceeds from ticket sales after expenses etc. will be given in equal shares to the concert beneficiaries who are: Princess Diana’s Patronages and Memorial Fund, Centrepoint and Sentebale.

Some clips are pasted below just in case you missed the event.

One Response to “Princess Diana Concert”

  1. Copie Says:

    Could some one please help me.
    I am looking for an email address for the Princess Diana Memorial to enable me to send a tasteful sympathy Blessing from God certificate from the website
    These blessings from God are appreciated by all who receive them and they support various charities.

    Diana supporter