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The Best Kettle Ever

tefal-quickcup-home.jpgA cup of tea in three seconds! This kettle is genius. Not only does it deliver you with hot water super quick but its good for the environment too! It works a bit like most modern home water boilers where you don’t need to wait half an hour for enough water to heat to a bath. You can just turn on the tap and there is hot water as if by magic because they heat the water immediately and only the amount you are using. Of course heating only the water you need, saves lots of energy and time. Whoever realised this concept was a good idea for use in a kettle obviously likes tea as much is me.

The only snag is that it heats the water to just below boiling. Some tea fanatics in search of the perfect cup might have an issue with this. I’ve never really understood this because as soon as the switch flicks on the kettle the tea is less than boiling so by the time its hits the tea bag is its not boiling anyway but who am I to argue. The kettle launches in the beginning of July and will available in most high street homeware shops so look out for it! It’s going to cost around £60 but promises to cut £30 from your yearly electricity bill so is well worth the extra money.

Via Gadget Candy.

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