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Eye-Fi: Wi-Fi For Your Digital Camera

Eye-FiWhenever I take a good set of photographs on my digital camera I always seem to misplace the lead that transfers the images to my PC. By the time I’ve found it, the pictures have either been replaced or wiped and I never seem to get any prints for the album! If you have the same problem then you will probably also be interested to hear that a new Wi-Fi digi cam memory card is being developed. It is known as the Eye-Fi and it aims to cut out the complex stages of transferring images using a cable or card reader. It will therefore mean you can upload the pictures to any computer and start printing or sharing immediately.

The SD memory card is expected to be launched by the end of the year and will hold 2-gig of memory as well as the wireless functionality. You are looking at about £50 for the card and remember to make sure your digital camera supports SD otherwise the card wont fit! More information can be found on the Eye-Fi Website.

Via Gadget Candy.

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