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Big Brother Update

Big BrotherShabnam has been evicted, four new men have entered the house, what a week it has been for the Big Brother housemates.

Firstly let’s talk about Shabnam’s eviction, I personally haven’t been a fan of Shabs since she entered the house, all she seemed to do was follow Charley round like a lost lamb, keep people awake at night and look at herself in the mirror. Despite this, I did feel sorry for her when she walked out of the house – it was the most cringe worthy eviction I have ever seen on Big Brother. I have taken the liberty of pasting the clip below in case you missed the event.

We know Shabs likes performing but this was the worst eviction dance ever! She obviously didn’t know how to handle to crowds booing so she went into show mode and did a little dance to try and win them round, Davina had to literally drag her off the stage, it was quite funny but I did feel sorry for her.

We finally have some to men in the house, hopefully some of the attention will be taken off Charley and her arguments so we can watch other footage. All the new men seem really cool but we’ll see if their personalities unfold throughout the week. I think poor Ziggy was a tad jealous and he got a bit insecure on Saturday asking Channelle if she still liked him etc.

Favourite housemates: Carole, Sam, Amanda, Gerry and Brian

Reasons: They are all in the house to learn about other people, have fun and they help out around the house.

Worst housemates: Charley and Nicky

Reasons: Charley cannot hold a conversation without it turning into a heated argument, she has mentioned too many times that everyone is jealous of her because she has the most clothes and shoes – nobody cares. Nicky cannot hold a conversation without whining but I think she’s getting better so she may be out of my bottom two next week.

I predict that Charley, Seany and Laura will be up for eviction this week.

One Response to “Big Brother Update”

  1. Charley Says:

    I think Charley will be the next housemate to be evicted