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The Feet Treat

The Feet TreatAfter a hard week what could be better than getting home, putting your feet up and enjoying a nice glass of wine? Well… wrapping your feet in these Feet Treat wraps while you enjoy your wine! They’re designed to be used warm or cold depending on your needs – so if your feet are aching and tense the heat of a warm wrap will help ease them, or if your feet are puffy the coolness of a chilled wrap will leave them feeling soothed.

After a full day shopping or a night out dancing, these wraps are perfect to come home to. You simply need to pop them in the fridge to enjoy them cool, or place them in warm water to enjoy them heated. Make sure you put your feet up and relax while you’re wearing these though – they weren’t designed to take full body weight! Sounds like a good enough excuse to me …

Available for £7.45 (bargain!)

2 Responses to “The Feet Treat”

  1. Aimi Says:

    Oh My God I want some of these! They look so cool, I love having my feet massaged or treated so I think I would love popping them on after a tough day at the office!

  2. zoeyy Says:

    were do you gt these form i wont to get my mum some for crimbo shel love em =]=]=]