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How to Look Good Naked's Dark Circle Creams

Benifit EyeconOn this weeks episode of How to Look Good Naked, under eye dark circle creams were the focus of the experiment. Hylexin Dark Circle Cream (£95.00), Benefit Eye Con (£21.50), ROC Hydra+ Destressant Eyes (£11.95) and Boots Time Delay (£7.99) were the four products tested by 100 lovely lady volunteers.

Boots Time DelayHylexin Dark Circle Cream, the most expensive cream by far came in first scoring 54 points of 100, not great for a £95 product! A close 2nd place went to Benefit Eye Con with 50 points. Boots Time Delay was in at 3rd with 49 points and ROC Hydra+ Destressant Eyes scored just 30 points. Overall there were just 5 points between the £95 cream and the £7.99 one – I know which one I would choose!

I am such a fan of this program, I look forward to Tuesday evenings every week. See the How to Look Good Naked section on the Channel 4 Website for more info.

2 Responses to “How to Look Good Naked's Dark Circle Creams”

  1. The Stiletto Effect Says:

    great website

  2. Model Citizen Says:

    Too bad we don’t have that show here in the us…