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Expanding Jelly Diet Pill

PillItalian scientists are developing a new pill that aims to help people loose weight. When swallowed, the pill turns into a clear blob of jelly-like goo (about the size of a tennis ball) that gives the feeling of fullness due to lack of room in the stomach. The clear gel expands to hold liquid and can soak up 1000 times its weight, it is thought that it will be a similar to a gastric band but obviously no surgery will be needed.

Obesity in the UK is constantly on the rise so the development of a diet pill would be a great invention for future generations and would decrease the number of surgical operations.

Figures show there is an estimated 1 billion overweight adults worldwide, 300 million of whom are classed as obese. The pill is still undergoing many tests to ensure it is utterly safe for consumers, it is not know when or if the pill will be available to those suffering from obesity.


3 Responses to “Expanding Jelly Diet Pill”

  1. Celeritas Says:

    Sounds pretty scary, not sure I’d like jelly in my belly. Another major issue with obesity is nutrition, eating lots often empty calories. This would definitely need a lot of doctor advice to be successful.

  2. margo hewson Says:

    hi there i would realy love to try this pink jelly tablet as i need to shed 3stone when will this be avaliable to buy as i am desprate

  3. Jennifer Porter Says:

    how much does the New Diet Pill: The Expanding Blob cost?