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Home Micro-Dermabrasion Kits

Philosophy Greatest LoveAs I mentioned a while ago, I am a huge fan of the Channel 4 series How to Look Good Naked. Each week journalist Dawn Porter experiments with a range of brands to uncover the best beauty treatment in a specific field. This week the girls were testing home micro-dermabrasion kits, the creams included No 7 Microdermabrasion (£9.50), Lancome (£46.00), Philosophy Greatest Love (£20.00) and Renew You Micro-Dermabrasion Face Masque (£1.49).

What is Microdermabrasion? It is a facial skin treatment and technique that helps repair the skin after years of sun exposure and the effects of aging. There are so many creams available it is hard to know which one is the best value for money, Dawn and her experiment with 100 girls concluded with these results.

1st: Lancome – 68 points out of 100.
2nd: Philosophy Greatest Love – 64 points out of 100.
3rd: No 7 Microdermabrasion – 60 points out of 100.
4th: Renew You Micro-dermabrasion Face Masque – 56 points out of 100.

In this particular experiment the most expensive product proved to be the best but only by 4 points. So it is up to you to decide, is it worth spending an extra £36 on something that only scored 8 points more than its rival No 7? I’d personally go for the 2nd place kit – Philosophy Greatest Love for £20.

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