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Pink Credit Card Digital Camera

Pink Credit Card Digital CameraOK so this new digital camera may have caught my eye because it’s pink, but it’s also really practical.

It’s slightly smaller than a credit card and a tiny 6mm deep, so will fit in any pocket without ruining the shape of your outfit. This means you can carry it on you at all times, prepared for those photo moments!

Despite being small, the camera also has loads of great features, including a built in rechargable battery (it lasts a week and can be recharged when connected to a USB port), two resolutions of pictures, 10 second self timer, automatic exposure and white balance, continuous shooting … and more. It also comes complete with a USB cable and a Windows driver CD.

For just £19.99, it’s a bargain!

One Response to “Pink Credit Card Digital Camera”

  1. Missa.vogue Says:


    And kinda cheap too. … Mine cost over twice as much (about $88 american on sale from like $130)

    Granted, mine does a little more, and it’s still pink … but chunky compared to this one. Hmmm I should get my mom to get me one … Oh damn they don’t deliver to Bahrain :( Boo nevermind haha