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Irregular Choice Cortesan Emblem Floral Shoes

Irregular Flower ShoeI am a big fan of Irregular choice shoes but have never actually been brave enough to buy a pair for myself. The best design I’ve ever seen were the Tape Measure Shoes I wrote about last year, I thought they were fantastic. I have now found another pair that I think are really stylish called Cortesan Emblem Flower shoes. They are made from pinstripe fabric and have a beautiful embroidered floral design and a lace trim. The sole has a fairytale pattern too.

You would need to wear black, pink, white or green to accompany the shoe design and they would really dress up a plain outfit such as a little black dress. They are available at Schuh for £59.99, not the cheapest of shoes but you’re sure to be the only one wearing them.

4 Responses to “Irregular Choice Cortesan Emblem Floral Shoes”

  1. emyd Says:

    love it!!

  2. kristina Says:

    Huge fan of Irregular Choice. They just opened a webstore in the US. Even though I am such a fan, I haven’t bought a pair yet. I am stalking the Camaletta. Love!
    The toe split styles are a little too crazy for me. I see them doing well with Asian markets.

    Life is short. Wear pretty underwear.

  3. Cali Says:

    The same goes for Cali. She loves Irregular Choice as much as you do, but she doesn’t own any of it yet. Cali’s country does not carry the brand; maybe she should ask her sis who lives in the US to buy some for her!

    Best of Love,

  4. sarah Says:

    I have twenty pair of Irregular Choice shoes and i love them. The website for the US has loads of great styles. Check em out!