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Free Paris or Jail Paris Panties?

Free Paris and Jail Paris PantiesThe debate as to whether poor little rich girl Paris Hilton should be jailed continues, but now you have the chance to decide with a fashion statement. Paris has pleaded for people to buy a pair of her ‘Free Paris’ panties and wear them on 5th June (the day she goes down) in a show of protest against her imprisonment.

I personally prefer the ‘Jail Paris’ knickers, why should she get away with it just because she’s a celebrity. Any other women who had committed the same offences would be sent to prison, there’s no excuse.

Mio Destino have created a limited edition collection of undies for both men and women in a number of styles. These knickers to the left cost £25 each but 50% of the profits go Ovarian Cancer Reseach. Check out the Mio Destino Website for all the designs and prices. Come on, join the debate and let us know which pair of panties you would buy.

One Response to “Free Paris or Jail Paris Panties?”

  1. Elana Says:

    I can’t believe I was not aware of these cute, little undies! Check out my own coverage of Paris and her situation:

    And I agree, when it comes down to it, if she did not carry the last name Hilton, she would be locked away for quite awhile. Still, she sure did look cute at the MTV Movie Awards, just a few hours before she turned herself in, woudn’t you admit? Let’s hope her extensions stay in good shape in her celebrity cell.

    ~ Elana