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40% off Irregular Choice

pinkshoe.jpgHow do the people at irregular choice do it?! Surely there are only so many designs for a shoe possible. I wonder if they will ever run out. They obviously haven’t yet; their new 2007 summer range is quirkier than ever.

I’m in love with these pink booties but I haven’t found a place to buy them yet. I’ll be emailing them as soon as I have finished writing on this blog to find out where I can get hold of a pair. Hopefully somewhere in the UK – and I’ll let you know when they get back to me.

If you can’t wait for these and want to get you hands on a funky pair of new shoes right now, how about having a look on where there is 40% their entire collection! I think these hawiian wedges are great for summer.

2 Responses to “40% off Irregular Choice”

  1. Kennedy Says:

    Maybe we can help you find them! is my start-up. Mart Myspace for Shopping, Part Registry for the unwedded. Fully fashionable.

    Ever found that favorite pair of shoes, that you just couldnt pay for right now? Or the handbag that you REALLY want for your birthday from your boyfriend, but how to let him know? Sign up at and build a registry– but not just for married people, this one is for you!!! Peruse the web and pick and choose items you want then send your wishlist to friends a family, perfect for weddings, birthdays, and graduations- and this shops on Any website on the web!!!

  2. Irregular Choice Fan Says:

    These shoes can be bought from Irregular Choice direct at: The shoes are called GoGo (3354-2B) and were £90.50 and are now £39.00 at 18th September 2007. Various sizes left!